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A fully equipped software package, with which you can automate everything


The 3D Configurator is one of the many unique innovations that iOne commercial software offers you. The 3D configuration of furniture is completely integrated in the sales process. It can be immediately converted into an order and then ordered. The iOne 3D Configurator thus makes your sales process easier and more efficient. For your customer, you also offer a unique experience, both online and in your physical shop!

Purchase and sales

All transactions, from quote to invoice, can be handled with iOne. Combinations are also possible, for both commission articles (customer-specific products & orders) and in-stock articles. Register sales and deposits can be processed via the integrated checkout module.

Product Data Management

Your article management is easier and more efficient with iOne. Depending on your preferences and the type of product, you can determine the most ideal form of documentation. For example, one-time articles without inventory, which are documented in a snap. In addition, the iOne PDM offers various import options to be able to import supplier files.

With the integrated state-of-the-art Product Configurator, you create layered articles. This offers you the highly efficient input of complex articles. This also results in error-free sales input. Your sellers are led through the products by means of a ‘question-and-answer game’. The cost savings that you can realize as a result are enormous.

Track & Trace

With the help of the advanced Track & Trace (order monitoring) system, you always deliver to your customer in time. In the meantime, you keep the customer informed via ‘Notifications’ using e-mail and text message. If the supplier delivers later than normal/planned, then you can also immediately inform customers about the new expected delivery date.

Electronic orders

In iOne, you can make use of all available electronic (EDI) catalogues. There are various suppliers and formulas/franchise groups that can offer you such catalogues. The great advantage is that you do not have to enter and maintain any more articles for that assortment. That also ensures error-free order entry and thus flawless orders.

(Online) Planning

Via the ultra-modern scheduling system, your customers can indicate their own delivery preferences online. The schedule only needs to set the definitive date, after which the customer will be informed automatically via text message and/or e-mail by iOne. The day before delivery, another automatic text message is sent, so you do not encounter locked doors. With the Google Maps integration, the scheduler can optimize the route and check via Street View whether there are any particulars. This way, all deliveries can go perfectly.

Single Source (webshop)

For your webshop, you can count on the very best integration with iOne. Due to this seamless integration, your webshop is always up-to-date. The right articles, prices, illustrations and stock numbers are listed, and if an article can no longer be sold, it is automatically no longer offered. All sales in your webshop are then processed automatically in iOne, so that the further handling goes through the normal procedures. This means you always work from 1 source, so that you maintain maximum control and save a great deal on costs.

Webshop integration

Customer management

Your customer is central in everything with iOne. This ensures perfect deliveries and the best service! You are able to get immediate insight into the status of a delivery when you want it. With a service issue, you immediately have all the information at hand, and iOne lets you communicate easily with customers about everything via the Notification system. Via the Customer Portal, all these services are also offered online, so that you can offer your customers the ultimate service experience.


You give the customer an ultimate service experience primarily through the iOne service module. It enables you to effortlessly handle any complaints/service reports to the full satisfaction of your customer. Your service staff can immediately handle the report with a customer using a tablet, or they can schedule follow-up actions, such as immediately ordering service articles from the supplier. Your customer is helped more quickly, and your service department works much more efficiently.

Inventory, warehouse management, WMS

You can carry out complete warehouse management via the Logistics module of iOne. With the optional WMS App, you complete these tasks wirelessly and in real time. That means receipt notifications and inventory changes are immediately implemented and made known anywhere. Follow-up actions (e.g. scheduling) can therefore be carried out sooner, and updated inventory positions are updated faster in your integrated webshop. Because everything works by means of barcode scanning, there is also less of a chance of errors, and practice shows that stock keeping is more accurate.


With the Financial Administration in iOne, you have completely integrated bookkeeping. Purchasing and sales invoices no longer have to be entered separately. The general ledger can also be immediately updated by your register module.

This full-fledged bookkeeping package also has features like telebanking, age analysis for accounts receivable and payable, cost centres/posts, VAT reporting and an Audit file for your accountant or the Tax Department.


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