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seamless connection

Experience how our commercial software package for the furniture industry connects seamlessly with all your operating processes. It is a powerful ERP software package in which everything is handled for you. Software full of innovation and new ideas, with which you automate your company in a completely future proof way.

In every area, iOne offers you the ability to save costs by working with maximal efficiency. By communicating electronically with your suppliers, you no longer have to maintain any article files yourself. You place orders entirely electronically, and your supplier then confirms your orders automatically. In short, there is no easier way to improve your margins than with iOne.

iOne software has a modular structure, so that you can put your software package together yourself. It is also unique that you can coordinate the user licences with the need at a certain moment or during a certain period. If you are expecting more traffic in your shop in a certain month, then you can license more users for that month, and restore the licence to the normal level afterwards.

Single Source Retailing®
iOne commercial software introduces ‘Single Source Retailing®’ (SSR). This unique SSR
technology makes it possible, among other things, to change out the digital catalogues in your chain and to keep your management of articles, illustrations and documents in one place. As desired, you can utilize this information for your narrow casting systems, information terminals, touch screens and a seamlessly integrated webshop. Do all the maintenance at once: countless possibilities. What is unique in iOne is the option for ‘Single Source Retailing®’ (SSR).

With iOne, you maintain all your article information/catalogues in one place, including for your
webshop. This means you can have a ‘maintenance-free webshop’. Changes in prices and article information will be updated in your webshop automatically, as will changes in the inventory and articles. With SSR, your webshop is always current, without you having to go through extra steps. The orders that are placed through your webshop can also be entered automatically, so they can be immediately handled in iOne

iOne links a wealth of experience with innovation.

Retail & Franchise organizations

specific coordination

Good management information for the group and benchmarks for businesses, to make the formula even better, is one of the important reasons why iOne is used by the leading retail and franchise organizations. For retail or franchise organizations, iOne has specific modules and options.

Specifically for groups, there is the option of creating and maintaining formula catalogues in the iOne PIM (Product Information Management) system. The distribution of the catalogues to the systems of the affiliated businesses is handled by iOne. The result is that none of the individual businesses have to maintain article files themselves. These can be maintained centrally in the head office.

The following products, among others, are available for retail and franchise organizations:
- iOne PIM and Product Configurator for groups
- Data Warehouse for management information (at the group level)
- Communications platform for exchanging catalogues and revenue information
- BI Tool (Business Intelligence)
- Webshop at the group/formula level

We work with you to go for perfection!


taking care of your customer

With iOne Wholesale, you automate all your processes in your wholesale business.
From quote to sales order through the bookkeeping – everything is completely integrated. This integration gives you quick insight into on-going orders, overdue payments from customers and service notifications, but also about how your company is performing at the moment. With the Management Information System (MIS) and the Business Intelligence (BI) tool, you always have the right management information.

With iOne Wholesale, you create satisfied customers, because you have complete control over the chain process. With Electronic (EDI) Catalogues and/or the iOne online Product Configurator on your webshop, you ensure error-free orders from your customers. These will be entered entirely automatically in your iOne system, so that you no longer have to enter the orders yourself. With the click of a button, you create the orders for your production department or supplier. Through the ‘delivery time monitoring system’ in iOne, you then ensure that these orders are delivered, correct and on-time, to your customers.

Just like with iOne Retail, you can put your iOne package together entirely the way you prefer.


added value in the chain

Furniture suppliers can add value in the chain and save on costs with iOne.

Most important advantages of chain integration:

- Handle everything for your customers by offering EDI catalogues.

- Error-free and complete orders from your dealers through EDI linking.

- iOne ERP, automatically enter the orders and handle the rest of the process.

- ERP Connector possible with the use of your own ERP package.

Chain integration (EDI) solutions through:

- iOne Product Configurator
Creating and maintaining Electronic Product Catalogues.

- iOne EDI portal / gateway
Ensure that all messages (EDI catalogues, orders, order notifications) are automatically sent to your dealers.

By reducing the chance of mistakes and cutting down on the time investment, you realize cost savings!

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